Show your friends and family how much you care for them and the Earth!




Prezzie Gift Bags are made with recycled materials and designed to be used hundreds of times, preserving natural resources and eliminating single-use gifting waste.


You have the power to create a unique gifting community - we call it Circular Gifting. Every Prezzie Gift Bag has a unique number that helps you follow its gifting journey via our Circular Gifting App. Whether you're the first gifter or the 100th giftee, you can always check in on your Circle to see how it grows.

Speaking of growth... let's plant some trees!


We proudly partner with Trees For The Future to plant trees when Prezzie Gift Bags are regifted. Trees For The Future is a nonprofit helping families in Africa transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system.

When a giftee tells us they received a gift in a Prezzie Gift Bag via our Circular Gifting App, we plant a tree.

See how big your Circle can grow and how many trees it plants!



Our canvas fabric is made with 100% recycled materials, 65% cotton yarn recovered from clothing manufacturing and 35% recycled plastic bottles. 

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 25,000 tons of new textile fiber is disposed of by North American spinning mills, weavers and fabric manufacturers each year. Technology now exists to make new cotton yarn from gin waste, commercial fabric trimmings and mills ends. Recycled cotton is recovered cotton that would be wasted during the spinning, weaving and cutting processes. Up to 40% of cotton grown is wasted between the harvest and the manufacture of garments. In the past, this waste went directly into landfills.

Our handles are made with spun polyester. While we are seeking a more eco-friendly material, we appreciate the plush finish and lasting quality of our current handles.  Similarly, our sewn tag and screen print have lasting quality but are made with virgin materials.

We continually look for sustainable sourcing opportunities to improve our product and reduce our environmental impact.

THE FACTORY - Made in the USA

We believe in local and global economies. We are thrilled to partner with a factory in the northeastern United States that is family-owned, woman-owned and operated. Prezzie Gift Bags are made in the USA, with materials sourced throughout North America. We chose to manufacture locally to invest in our local economy and reduce our transport carbon footprint.


Our shipping mailers and boxes are made with 100% recycled content, are fully recyclable and biodegradable and made in the USA.

Our communication cards are made with 100% post-consumer content, printed with vegetable-based inks, are fully recyclable and biodegradable and made in the USA.