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REPLANTING OUR PLANET with Trees For The Future

We proudly partner with Trees For The Future to plant trees when Prezzie Gift Bags are sold and regifted. Trees For The Future is a nonprofit helping families in Africa transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system.

COMMUNITY SOLAR with The Energy Brothers

We teamed up with The Energy Brothers, an amazing family of actual brothers (and Dad, too!), working to educate and help make clean energy accessible for all. The Energy Brothers, powered by Rewire Energy, are consultants in a variety of clean energy and efficiency solutions.

We met Lee, one of the Energy Brothers, at a sustainability fair in Upstate New York. Realizing we shared the goal of making sustainable living a reality for all, we set out to help one another do exactly that. When you sign up for community solar with The Energy Brothers or refer a friend, you’ll receive a complimentary Prezzie Reusable Everything Tote as a thank you for taking an amazing step toward clean energy and sustainable living. Prezzie will also plant 10 trees with our charity partner Trees For The Future for each Everything Tote that goes out!

Together, Prezzie and The Energy Brothers hope to make your sustainable living goals a reality by helping you transition to clean energy, enjoy a reusable everyday tote bag, and replanting our Planet.

Visit to learn more, sign up for community solar, refer a friend, and enjoy your reusable Everything Tote.

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