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What is Circular Gifting?

Circular gifting is our concept to make gifting sustainable by designing a gift bag made of recycled materials that can be used time after time. Every Prezzie Gift Bag has its own unique number that helps you follow its gifting journey via our Circular Gifting App. Whether you're the first gifter or the 100th giftee, you can always check in on your Circle to see how it grows.

Our inspiration comes from circular economy principles: Design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, regenerate natural systems. Learn more about circular economies from The Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

Start your circular gifting today!

Why the pineapples?

Pineapples symbolize warmth and hospitality, helping people express and feel emotions of welcoming, joy and love. We created Prezzie Gift Bags to do the same, which is "why the pineapples”!

What is a giftee?

A giftee is a person who receives a gift.

What does the "g" mean in your product dimensions?

The “g” stands for gusset, a design technique that increases the capacity of a bag.

What makes Prezzie Gift Bags sustainable?

Our canvas fabric is made with 100% recycled materials and can be reused hundreds of times - see our Sustainability page to learn more. 

How does Prezzie plant trees?

We proudly partner with Trees For The Future to plant trees when Prezzie Gift Bags are regifted. Trees For The Future is a nonprofit helping families in Africa transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system.

Do I have to log my bag with the QR code and number system? 

Logging your bag’s regifting activity is optional; however, we could all benefit from more trees! Prezzie plants trees when a giftee tells us they received a gift in a Prezzie Gift Bag via our Circular Gifting App. We hope you’ll join our mission to help replant the Planet!

Who takes your photos?

 We do! We chose to portray Prezzie Gift Bags in the most realistic way. Hope you like them!