Show your friends and family how much you care for them and the Earth!

Our Story

Prezzie is a meaningful gifting experience, on a mission to help preserve the earth's natural resources by eliminating single-use gifting waste. Prezzie Gift Bags are made with recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Our recycled cotton is spun from fabric waste generated during textile manufacturing. The recycled plastic bottles are 100% PET from traditional recycling streams. Utilizing these materials helps save land, energy and water.

Learn more about our materials, factory and packaging on our sustainability page.

Meet the Creators

Hello from Christina and Mike! Thanks for visiting - we're excited you're here! Our purpose is to preserve the natural world and we're passionate about hospitality, family (including the furry ones!) and friendship. One sunny Saturday morning, our purpose and passion intertwined while wrapping a baby shower gift. And just like that, Prezzie was born! Well, almost. Our ideas soon blossomed into prototypes. We learned about the textile industry, made new connections and formalized our ideas.

We're happy to be partnered with a local woman-owned and operated factory to make Prezzie Gift Bags for you! We love Prezzie almost as much as spending time with our families and friends, traveling to new and familiar places, and enjoying our beautiful and amazing natural world.



Check out our Blog to read more about us, Prezzie and sustainability!