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Why gift with reusable gift bags?

“Once you understand the destruction taking place, unless you do something to change it, even if you never intended to cause such destruction, you become involved in a strategy of tragedy. You can continue to be engaged in that strategy of tragedy, or you can design and implement a strategy of change.”
– Michael Braungart, Willian McDonough, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Prezzie was born out of a desire to preserve the earth’s natural resources by eliminating gift-wrapping waste. Reusing gift bags is not a new concept. In the past, whenever I received a paper gift bag, I always added it to my gift bag collection to be used for future gifting. However, at times I may have stretched a gift bag’s life a bit too far, using gift bags that looked "over gifted". Unfortunately, an "over gifted" bag can give off a less than desirable impression on the giftee. Today’s average gift bag is often constructed of paper with a plastic coating, making it liable to ripping, cracking, and looking tired and “over gifted” after just a few uses.

Enter Prezzie Gift Bags! Prezzie Gift Bags are constructed with recycled fabric and intended to be regifted over and over, while maintaining prime aesthetic appeal. Our canvas fabric is made from 65% recycled cotton from clothing manufacturing and 35% recycled plastic bottles. Since Prezzie Gift Bags are made of fabric, durability is much greater than your standard disposable gift bag. Now, you may be thinking fabric can wrinkle, which is possible but easily solved with mindful storage, a light steaming or even a heavy book. Prezzie Gift Bags are easy to reuse and will look great gift after gift!

What about tissue paper? We asked the same question and challenged ourselves to find a solution to eliminate the need for tissue paper. Tissue paper looks nice but has an extremely short life cycle and is widely not recyclable, quickly finding its way to landfill after being used for gifting. We designed Prezzie Gift Bags to eliminate the need for tissue paper. Our Little Gift Bags and Bigger Gift Bags have a unique “Surprise flap!” to keep your gifts a surprise until the giftee is ready to unwrap.

Prezzie Gifts Bags are more than just reusable gift bags, Prezzie Gift Bags create an experience for gifters and giftees. We lovingly coined it “The Circular Gifting Experience”. Prezzie’s #circulargifting experience is inspired by circular economy principles. What is a circular economy? According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Prezzie’s goal is to keep every Prezzie Gift Bag in motion, creating a circular gifting community. When you regift a Prezzie Gift Bag, you are helping to reduce waste, build communities and replant our Planet. When a giftee tells us they received a gift in a Prezzie Gift Bag via our Circular Gifting App, we plant a tree with our charity of choice partner, Trees For The Future, a nonprofit helping families in Africa transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system by planting trees.

Help us stop gift-wrapping waste and start your  #circulargifting community today!

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