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Why Pineapples?

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” - Author Unknown

Words to live… and “gift” by!

Pineapples seem to be one of those things that people are drawn to. Here at Prezzie we certainly are, for a few reasons...

First and foremost, pineapples are delicious! Whether enjoying a fresh cut pineapple on a sunny summer day, sipping a pineapple-infused cocktail or adding some to homemade pizza, pineapples make many dishes and drinks more cheerful and tasty.  

Pineapples are recognized as a symbol of hospitality and welcoming. We hope to share this sentiment with everyone who gifts and receives a Prezzie Gift Bag. There are lots of theories as to how pineapples came to symbolize hospitality, you could research the subject for hours. Most stories agree that pineapples were discovered in the fifteenth century, and slowly became a sign of wealth and success through nineteenth century. It was the utmost treat to attend a dinner party where pineapples were served or simply on display. During this time pineapples were such an expense that merchants would rent pineapples to customers for the day. Hosts would display the pineapples to welcome and entertain their guests. You might even compare pineapples during this period to modern day party decorations.

Fast forward to today. Thankfully pineapples are more accessible and dropped their high society status, but have retained sentiments of warmth and welcoming. Pineapples help people express and feel emotions of welcoming, joy and love. We created Prezzie Gift Bags to do the same, which is "why the pineapples”!

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